Why is progress not being registered?

Your learners are completing their courses, but your LMS says otherwise.

One of the restrictions of SCORM 1.2 is that it can "time-out" on many Learning Management Systems after 2 hours.

This becomes an issue if learners leave their course in an open tab or window. Learners then think they're making progress, the green ticks mount up to say they've completed the modules, but the browser has actually stopped communicating with the SCORM file in the background. This is frustrating for everyone.

Here are some suggested fixes:

1) Warn learners that they should exit and save their learning at any time they want to dip out and do something else (eg meetings, breaks, lunch etc). Don't leave the learning open in a tab/window.

2) Consider going for a multi-SCORM package. This is when we deliver each chapter as an individual course. Your learners are less likely to dip out of an individual module. 

3) If your LMS will accept a SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, it has a far higher character limit, meaning it won't time out as quickly.

4) Ask your LMS vendor to extend the time-out period. This won't eliminate the problem - but it extends the window of time before the file times-out.

This is a known issue for all SCORM-based courses - please see here for more info - we use all of the recommended techniques to mitigate against non-completions.

UPDATE for 2023 - our v3.0 courses all now feature a "Take a Break" pop-up that nudges learners to close their browsers if they want to pause. Our SCORM files also now have a "Connectivity Checker" that warns learners if their browser has lost contact with the SCORM engine.