What accessibility provisions do we make?

I have learners that need to access Matobo Learning that have audio/visual impairments

Please see our most recent accessibility updates below:

1. New and more simple high contrast design, to meet 1.4.3 contrast requirements.

2. Changed of all language to be fully inclusive (eg using words such as “select” rather than “click” or “add/enter” rather than “write”).

3. Eliminated use of all caps where they had previously appeared (to ensure a more fluid screen reader programme experience) 

4. Descriptive transcripts created and embedded in a all modules. 

5. Added alt Text/Descriptive text to all images. 

6. Updated our glossary with any unusual words.

7. Embedded closed captions (subtitles) into all training videos, and added the ability to view in full screen.


Audio Impairments:

All Matobo Learning courses have subtitles embedded into the videos.

To activate subtitles within the media player, select the ‘cc’ button. 


Visual Impairments:

Descriptive transcripts to be used with Screen Reader programs (JAWS etc) are embedded in each module via the "ACCESSIBILITY" button in the top ribbon bar (more details below). 

To request offline descriptive transcripts, please get in touch with Matobo Support: support@matobo.co.uk


Accessibility Mode - Matobo Learning 

To turn on Accessibility Mode, select the "ACCESSIBILITY" button in the top ribbon bar. 

Once Accessibility Mode has been turned on, a 'Video Transcript' box will appear below the media player. 

To view the video transcript, select the 'Video Transcript' button.