Should I use passphrase login, or SSO?

There are two ways to login to Matobo Learning: 

- Microsoft Azure Single Sign On
- Passphrase login

We want to ensure you have the most noise-free onboarding process possible. Please use this guide to decide what works best for you. 

SSO onboarding process:

1. Once we know your corporate email suffix, (for example -, we can set you up on Azure SSO. Once active, it's a simple case of making sure the first person who accesses Matobo Learning with SSO signs the Microsoft Ts & Cs on behalf of your organisation - they'll need to have Admin privileges for your IT system.

2. Your learners then go to and enter their corporate email address in the login box. The system immediately recognises that they're an SSO customer and the passphrase field will disappear. When they select Log in, the Microsoft popup dialogue appears. 

3. Once they’ve entered their corporate email address into the Microsoft pop-up, they’ll be taken to a sub-group selector page. Here, they can select the subgroup they belong to.

4. Once a learner is set up on Azure Single Sign On, and has selected their subgroup, they’ll be taken directly to their dashboard every time they log in.

SSO is a simple, easy way for staff to get started on their learning. But good comms beforehand are essential. Learning managers will need to ensure that their learners are aware of exactly which subgroup they belong in. If a learner ends up in the wrong subgroup, and starts their learning, they will have to be removed from the system so that they can re-enter and select the correct subgroup. This will cause them to lose any progress they’ve made.

Please see our SSO Onboarding Guide for recommended email wording, when rolling out comms to your learners 

Passphrase onboarding process:

1. Matobo will provide you with a CSV file (per subgroup) to be populated with learner info - First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number. Note: the format of the CSV must not be changed, otherwise it will be rejected by our system. If you don’t want to enter phone numbers, please leave the column blank. 

2. Once we've got your CSV file(s), they are uploaded at an agreed time/day. When we ‘Go Live’, learners will be sent an initial email with a link to join Matobo Learning. 

3. Learners then need to follow the link and instructions, using the temporary passphrase supplied in the initial email. Once they've verified their account, the portal will require them to change their passphrase, using the built-in 3 random words generator. Learners can refresh the 3 random words until they find a combination that they can remember.

Please see our Passphrase Onboarding Guide for recommended email wording, when rolling out comms to your learners.