CN4C - An Overview

You said, "we need a Cyber Ninjas For Councillors.”

You want all the good stuff from the Cyber Ninjas all-staff training, but a bit more for elected members who have their own particular challenges with cyber security and data processing.

So we sat down with elected members, DPOs and SIROs from 9 co-designing local authorities, to create a unique version of the course for councillors and elected members. The outcome - 5 brand new modules that sit amongst the original series, specifically for councillors and their different needs and responsibilities from regular staff.

That means all of the best advice around controller vs agent roles, pro tips for avoiding email account mishaps and easy pointers to navigate around the tricky data processing responsibilities they face as a Ward Representative, Politician or Council Representative. Now available in bilingual Welsh/English and available free of charge to all Welsh local authorities.

CYBER NINJAS FOR COUNCILLORS is available as a SCORM package or via our Matobo Learning cloud-hosted LMS.

For course/module estimated timings to complete, please visit the Module Descriptions section.