Data Confident - An Overview

Data Confident teaches your learners everything they need to know about Good Information Governance.

Data Confident is the second of our major co-designs with the public sector, working with 8 local authorities and housing associations - and together, we’ve created an easy to follow 4 step guide to processing and sharing of data for staff at all levels. The goal was to reduce decision paralysis and to dispel and debunk some of the myths that hold them back. Think of it as a comprehensive toolkit to enable your learners to:

- Quickly and confidently identify different types of data

- Choose a rock solid lawful basis (and special category condition, if needed) for processing

- Evaluate the impact on people

- Document and notify them

- Plot the data lifecycle

- Understand the rules around sharing

- And spot any information risks along the way

New features for 2022 include mandated quizzes, improved accessibility and a fresh new visual design!

DATA CONFIDENT is available as a SCORM package or via our Matobo Learning cloud-hosted LMS.


Data Confident REFRESH

Data Confident now includes our annually updated top-up module called REFRESH, with a mandatory quiz and all of the latest advice. REFRESH is just that - a quick refresher. Your learners will thank you for not "sheep-dipping" them with the same training - and you'll be safe in the knowledge that you're doing everything you can to keep them up to date and data confident.

For course/module estimated timings to complete, please visit the Module Descriptions section.