Data Confident - Module Descriptions

Data Confident is made up of 9 core modules and the Refresh module. Each module has been carefully written so that the learner feels they are being addressed directly by their organisation. Our estimated time to complete is stated after each module title.


001 - Data Confident (10 MINS)

So, your job can sometimes involve collecting and sharing personal and sensitive information. And you want to work honestly, transparently and securely. Alongside all this day to day stuff, the Data Protection Act 2018 has tightened up how we all collect, process and store personal data. This module introduces three types of data. Two of them you might be dealing with regularly - Personal Data and Special Category Data. And thenthere's Criminal Conviction Data, which you need to know about, but we won't actually be dealing with on this course.

002 - Four Steps To Processing Data (10 MINS)

We know that we must be LAWFUL, FAIR and TRANSPARENT when we're processing data. But what does this really mean? This module introduces our easy four step guide to processing data

003 - Lawful Bases (15 MINS)

So we’ve introduced our four step guide to Processing Data. You’re now ready for Step 2 -choosing one of the 6 Lawful Bases.

004 - Special Category Conditions (10 MINS)

Remember the more sensitive personal data we talked about? That'll be Special Category Data - stuff like health, sex life, religion, trade union membership, genetic and biometric data. Let's take a look at them now.

005 - Impact (10 MINS)

Let’s take a look at number 3 of our four step guide to processing data - Impact.

006 - Document and Notify (16 MINS)

Next up is the last bit of our four step guide to processing data - Document and Notify - it’s how we record our decisions and notify people. This module also explores what privacy means and the 8 Individual Rights to challenge processing.

007 - Data Near Misses & How To Avoid Them (10 MINS)

We know that we all have a huge responsibility to be LAWFUL, FAIR and TRANSPARENT when we’re working with personal data. But what do we do when things go wrong - and how might we avoid any near misses?

008 - Sharing Data Confidently (10 MINS)

So now you know the important things that you need to know and do, when handling Personal and Special Category Data. Get this right, and you'll be fulfilling your responsibility to process data in a way that is LAWFUL, FAIR and TRANSPARENT. Let’s take a look at sharing data - properly and securely.

009 - Love That Data (12 MINS)

Good quality and efficient data is vital for all of us here to work effectively and happily - and to make sure we’re complying with our legal responsibilities. So let’s finish off with a few extra bits to take home and think about.



So you’ve done the training. But we all need a refresher, right? Refresh is a quick biannual knowledge-check, ensuring learners are keeping on top of their Data-Fu.