CN4C - Module Descriptions

Cyber Ninjas for Councillors, or CN4C, is made up of 14 modules. Each module has been carefully written so that the learner feels they are being addressed directly by their organisation. The official NCSC estimated time to complete is stated after each module title.



001 - Councillor Introduction (10 MINS)

Introduction to the course. This course is split into 14 modules. Each features a training video, followed by a quiz - which you'll need to answer correctly to complete the module.

002 – GDPR - What is Personal Data? (10 MINS)

This module explores the definition of Personal Data and some of the key implications of GDPR, which came into effect in 2018, as part of the UK's updated Data Protection Act.

003 – GDPR - Handling Personal Data (12 MINS)

This module explores the changes we need to have in place, in order to comply with the tighter rules and increased penalties of GDPR.

004 - Controller vs Agent (15 MINS)

In your day to day councillor work, chances are you're going to be handling - or processing - someone's Personal Data. Trouble is, as a councillor, you have to wear two hats. Sometimes you're a controller and sometimes you're an agent. This module explains everything.

005 - We Need To Talk About Cyber Security (10 MINS)

Why does Cyber Security matter? This module explores our role as the last line of defence in our organisation – yes really!

006 - Passwords (10 MINS)

This module explores the pitfalls of using weak passwords and what good password practice really means.

007 - JDLR (17 MINS)

In this module, we introduce the phrase – JDLR. Just Doesn’t Look Right. We explore the differences between phishing and spear phishing attacks, as well as telephone and text message scams and what you should do if you think you are being scammed.

008 - Ransomware (10 MINS)

So far, we’ve taken a look at some of the psychological scams the hackers use and how they might affect you and your colleagues. But what about scams and hustles on an industrial scale? The sort of thing that could shut down our entire organisation in minutes? Ransomware has become a huge business and it’s growing fast on the dark web. The clever bit? It attacks on two fronts – availability and confidentiality.

009 - Internet Security (9 MINS)

This module explores the implications of using public Wi-Fi and some top tips on how to do it securely. It also talks you through secure connections and how to ensure the website you’re looking at is legitimate.

010 - Cloud Services and Sharing (9 MINS)

This module looks at the most secure way to save and share documents in the cloud.

011 - Email Accounts (8 MINS)

Email – the political career wrecker... With "reply to all" and autocomplete to ease the process, what could possibly go wrong?! This module gives you 3 simple rules to follow.

012 - Devices & Apps (10 MINS)

Portable devices. Powerful, aren't they? But when was the last time you checked and updated your operating system and apps? Also, have a think about app permissions and Bluetooth connections. This module talks you through the necessary steps.

013 - Offline Security (10 MINS)

So far, we've focused on online security. But what if you are out and about? This module looks at simple changes you can make, to keep information secure when you're on the move. And what about remote working? It’s all here.

014 - Here To Help You (6 MINS)

More often than not, the success rate of a cyber- attack comes down to you and me. Don't worry. We're here to work with you on your projects and give you guidance and advice.