How do I add a new learner?

I've got a new starter and I want to add them to the system

Firstly, this depends on whether you're on the Microsoft Single Sign On (SSO) login option or Passphrase login option.

If you're on Microsoft Single Sign On, please give your learner the following instructions:

1) Please head to the following site - - where you’ll arrive at the following login page:

2) First, enter your normal work email address. The passphrase box will then disappear. Select “Log in”. You’ll then be taken to a Microsoft sign in popup box - please sign in with your work email credentials.

3) Next, you’ll be taken to a page, asking you to select your learning sub group. You’ll only see this once, so please select carefully - otherwise you’ll be signing up to extra courses that you don’t need to do! After selecting your learning sub group, you’ll be taken to your dashboard which displays the courses we need you to complete.

Your learner then will have self-enrolled and you can track their progress via the Reports section.

That's it!


If you're on the Passphrase login option, please first check you have adequate licenses in place and then follow the instructions below to add your new learner:

1) Login to your Matobo Learning dashboard.

2) Select the name of the subgroup into which you want to add the learner.

3)Select the 'Log In As' button to log in as the sub group.

4) Select Create Learner:

5) Fill in the new learner's details. If you don't want to use a phone number, just type in NA into the Contact Number field:

6) Select Continue. The new learner is saved and the initial verification email will be sent to them automatically.

When they enrol themselves on the system, they'll show as verified:

You can then track their progress through the reports section.

That's it!