How do I run a report in Matobo Learning?

I want to oversee learner progress.


First, log into your Matobo Learning Dashboard.

Select the ‘Reports’ button on the right side of your dashboard. 

From the reports page, select ‘Create Report’.

Here, you can select which course, group and dates that you’d like to create the report against. 

Important: The ‘Date From’ and ‘Date To’ functions are optional. If you’d like your report to reflect all activity from the start of your contract to present day, just leave them blank.

Once you’ve got everything ready, select the ‘Create’ button, to reveal the report and a quick visual infograph to show learner progress across your organisation.

Now you’ve created your report, you can download it as a spreadsheet, using the download button next to the infograph - or come back to it later. 

That’s it!