How do I add different fields to my learner reports?

I need to add fields like "manager" or "department" etc, so I can search for learners against different values.

No problem - these are searchable fields or tags to make sifting through learner reports easier - and we call them Custom Fields.

Please note - Custom Fields can only be done with the PASSPHRASE login option - sorry, they're not available with the SSO option, because we're restricted to what is available via Microsoft.

Custom Fields are done at a Matobo admin level. Out of the box, the system comes with 4 standard fields:

first name

last name


phone number

On top of these, you can add 10 Custom Fields (or tags), at no extra charge.

Just let us know extra fields what you'd like and we'll add them in for you - ideally before you go live, so we can then supply you with a CSV with the new fields included, for you to add learner details.

However, we can also batch edit both the tag labels (eg "manager") and the tag values (eg "Joe Bloggs") at a later date if needed.