How do I watch Matobo Learning Videos? I'm an admin.

There are 2 account types on Matobo Learning. 

1. Admin

2. Learner

Admin accounts have access to a full 'admin view' of their group/subgroups, including a full preview and experience of any course in one sitting. However, when an admin logs out of a course, progress is not recorded.

Only learner accounts record progress - allowing them to dip in and out of the learning, unlock modules, keep them unlocked and receive a completion certificate.

Individual videos can be viewed by an Admin via the REFRESH module.

1. Log into your Matobo Learning Dashboard.

2. Select 'Cyber Ninjas REFRESH' in the Learning window:

3. Once the course has loaded, select the CONTINUE button:

4. Select the WATCH THE VIDEOS button:

5. From here, you have full access to all of the videos.

If you do not have Cyber Ninjas REFRESH on your dashboard, but would like it so you can view videos, please email our support team at