How do I assign courses to learners?

I want to put different groups of learners on different courses

Matobo Learning uses sub groups to assign courses to learners.

For example:

  1. You've got 1000 staff - you want all of them to do Cyber Ninjas, but you want 200 of them (your Information Asset owners) to do Data Confident as well.
  2. We would create one sub group with 800 learners called All Staff, all of whom are assigned to Cyber Ninjas.
  3. We would then create a second group with 200 learners called Information Asset owners, all of whom would be assigned to Cyber Ninjas and Data Confident.

If you're using passphrase login, we would provide you with two CSV files. You would put 800 staff details on the Cyber Ninjas batch upload CSV - and 200 staff details on the Data Confident batch upload CSV.

If you're using SSO login, the learners - on their initial login - would select which sub group they belong to on the sub group selector page. After that, they will automatically be taken to their correct sub group.